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Lana Li
Tuesday, June 8th, 2010    Posted by Lana Li (posts)

According to Statistics Canada, divorce is on the decline but for those who are divorcing, nearly three-quarters of them are using lawyers to help them resolve their marital issues.  In B.C. there were nearly 21,000 active divorce cases in 2008/2009 but only 16% had a statement of defence on file.  This means that only 16% of the active divorce files were litigious or specifically, the other spouse did not agree to the proposed resolution of the marital issues.  However, of those active divorce files in B.C., only 2% of them actually proceeded to a trial in 2008/2009.

Lawyers often act as negotiators or mediators to assist clients with resolving the division of assets, custody of children, access to child, spousal and child support.  Once settled, the agreement is documented in a Separation Agreement, signed by the divorcing couple.  When they get around to filing for a divorce, that is all they will ask for as all other issues have been resolved.  They will obtain an undefended Divorce Order only.  Hence, the low percentage of active divorce files with a statement of defence.

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